Pure North Canada: Deneen Allen

Deneen Allen is the LKDFN’s Tourism Strategy Advisor on the Thaidene Nene initiative. She brings her experience and expertise to the team in leading the development and implementation of a tourism strategy for Lutsel K’e.

Deneen plays a critical role in not only assisting Lutsel K’e in developing a community-wide tourism strategy, but also in fostering nascent small businesses and advising on major tourism projects.

Canadian Boreal Initiative: Larry Innes

Larry Innes serves as legal counsel to the LKDFN, with special emphasis on the Thaidene Nene initiative. With other team members, he is responsible for achieving shared jurisdiction with Canada in the management and operation of Thaidene Nene.

Larry has a significant research role, charged with discovering international precedents and best practices and understanding their relevance to Thaidene Nene.

Larry also leads the Pew Charitable Trust’s Aboriginal Leadership Initiative, which supports Thaidene Nene under the auspices of the Canadian Boreal Initiative.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society: Erica Janes

Erica Janes leads the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s efforts to support the Thaidene Nene initiative. Her contributions focus upon facilitating engagements with external parties and the public in order to increase understanding of and build support for the Thaidene Nene vision.

The Nature Conservancy: Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer leads The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to support the Thaidene Nene initiative. This support includes the provision of technical expertise to inform the development and advancement of the Thaidene Nene vision, as well as enabling outdoor educational programming for LKDFN youth.

Mike also provides strategic advice on the development and capitalization of the Thaidene Nene Trust.

Special Advisor: Miles Richardson

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