Thaidene Nene Trust

Implementing our responsibility in Thaidene Nene will require significant revenue. To this end, we have created the Thaidene Nene Trust. Now we are working to secure capital and protect it over the long-term. We will use the interest to support priority programs within Thaidene Nene. The objectives of the trust are to:

  • Fund First Nation staff and operational requirements for the management and operation of Thaidene Nene,
  • Support the education and training of Lutsel K’e Denesoline for Thaidene Nene human resource needs,
  • Promote the Dene Way of Life, and
  • Foster a viable tourism economy in Lutsel K’e.
Patrick Enzoe at Fortress Island Christie Bay

Patrick Enzoe at Fortress Island Christie Bay

The Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation (LKDFN) and Parks Canada initialed a Draft Agreement for protecting Thaidene Nene in November 2013. We intend to establish a “joint-sovereignty” arrangement with Canada in Thaidene Nene, where each Party shares authority on all decisions, including management decision-making and operational responsibilities. We are also working with the Government of the Northwest Territories to define their role in protecting Thaidene Nene.

This will NOT be your typical park! What we are doing is unique, but it is also part of a growing trend across Canada where First Nations are forming effective and innovative partnerships to foster conservation, sustainable livelihoods, and indigenous self-determination. This model will result in lower government and taxpayer costs for operations and management in the long run, as LKDFN will assume increasing fiscal responsibility for Thaidene Nene.